Hottest Chick N Wing Festival 

Inner Harbor Syracuse, NY


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Kick Ass Friends & Kick Ass Musicians

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Through out the years Dave has played many different parties! He does not just make his living at the bars. That's right - you could have him play right in your own backyard!! Dave will guarantee you a kick ass time! He knows over 300 songs, along with his original music! In fact many fans and friends find themselves having yearly parties after hiring Dave just one time! Dave plays all kind of parties from Wedding, Birthdays to Graduation - he is a highly requested musician.

Once in a while - I myself get to check out a few parties here and there! It is always so much fun! I get to meet many fans and make a lot of new friends!

So hey if you are interested in hiring Dave for one of your parties - email him @ or call him @ (315) 342-6406 and he will discuss his schedule and rates with you!!! Or just check out the schedule for some more information! Thanks!!! :)

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Annette Avery's

College Graduation Party



''Life inside these bars"

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All new pictures from Dave's Live shows!

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Dave Hawthorn and Charlie Daniels!

Dave was lucky enough to hang out with Charlie and the boys one night on the tour bus!

He was also lucky enough to open up for a few of Charlie's shows over the years! 


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Dave Hawthorn with Steve Webb and Tiger


"Jack Daniels If You Please" By Dave Hawthorn

Available on the Live Cd

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