Dave Hawthorn has two CD's available!


Too Parts Cool is a CD Dave Recorded with his former partner Tiger. It is a Live CD recorded from many different places. A lot of your favorite cover songs you ask Dave to play at shows are on this CD, as well as TWO GREAT ORIGINALS! "So The Story Goes" & "Jack Daniels If You Please" The song you hear playing on the LIVE PIC PAGE!




                 $12.00 each



This CD is Dave's labor of love. The CD is called "West" - It is all ORIGINAL music by Dave. Many local bands and friends contributed a lot of time to help Dave make this CD. You can't listen to this CD and not say WOW! You can hear what really went into making this CD - in EVERY SONG. It has the crowd favorites "Arizona On My Mind", "Grand Canyon Girl", "Old Trucks" and MUCH MORE! In fact go check out the CD CLIPS to hear a little clip of each song on the CD! This CD is a MUST HAVE!


       $12.00 each


              ON SALE!

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